Our organization is comprised of a dynamic and visionary team of impactful leaders who are driving positive change in their respective fields.

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Embrace the opportunity to become a part of our remarkable community of bold leaders who are driven by a shared purpose - to make a lasting impact, not merely earn a paycheck.

When you choose to work with us, you'll find a nurturing environment that fosters your personal and professional growth. We believe in investing in our team members, offering continuous learning opportunities, encouraging you to discover your full potential, and providing experiences that will not only enrich your career but also your life beyond the workplace.

Here, it's not just a job; it's a journey of self-discovery and achievement. Join us and let your aspirations flourish as you contribute to meaningful work that goes beyond the ordinary

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We're a dynamic and diverse community, united by our unwavering passion to redefine the standards of healthcare excellence.

Our team is brimming with motivation and enthusiasm, each member driven by their deep commitment to their roles. Come and explore the driving force behind their remarkable success.

Patricia Surgical Product Representative I

My journey at LithosMed has been nothing short of amazing. The unwavering dedication of our team to deliver exceptional surgical instruments is truly motivating. I take immense pride in my role, knowing that we are making a meaningful impact on healthcare quality for surgeons across Nigeria

Nonso Surgical Product Representative II

In LithosMed, I've discovered my ideal professional home, where my passion for advancing healthcare standards is perfectly aligned. Joining a team wholeheartedly dedicated to providing surgeons with top-quality instruments only reinforces my dedication to improving patient outcomes.

Malachi Surgical Product Representative

At LithosMed, each day brings us closer to a healthier Nigeria. The shared enthusiasm to equip surgeons with cutting-edge surgical solutions is unparalleled. I'm truly thankful to be a member of this team that's creating a tangible difference.

Timilehin Medical Product Representative I

In LithosMed, I've discovered my perfect professional haven, where my dedication to raising healthcare standards is shared. Being a part of a team committed to providing doctors with the finest instruments further ignites my determination to enhance patient outcomes.

Jonathan Medical Product Representative I

At LithosMed, the spirit of healthcare enhancement permeates every aspect of our work. The steadfast commitment to delivering precise medical instruments aligns perfectly with my own dedication. Together, we are pioneering change in the medical field.

David Medical Product Representative II

Working at LithosMed has been an incredible journey dedicated to enhancing healthcare. The unwavering commitment to delivering precision in medical tools resonates deeply with my own passion. Here, we're not just shaping careers, we're shaping the future of healthcare.


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