Lithosmed, the fulfillment of healthcare manufacturing in Nigeria

In a remarkable stride towards advancing quality healthcare in Africa, LithosMed has proudly joined the ranks of a select few companies engaged in the production of locally manufactured surgical solutions.

In September 2020, we embarked on a groundbreaking journey by unveiling our inaugural locally made product – the Sterilization Instrument Box. This innovative creation was conceived with a commitment to compete on the global stage, boasting pure aluminum as its primary material and featuring meticulously crafted ventilation patterns.

Our initial offering encompasses four distinct dimensions:

1. 5-inch height, 21-inch length, 10.5-inch breadth
2. 5-inch height, 16-inch length, 8.5-inch breadth
3. 4-inch height, 15-inch length, 8-inch breadth
4. 4-inch height, 14-inch length, 6-inch breadth

In our pursuit of excellence, we have also tailored dimensions to meet the specific requirements of our valued clients, further highlighting our dedication to customization and customer satisfaction.

The Sterilization Instrument Box proudly stands as a testament to local ingenuity, crafted entirely from indigenous materials. Its remarkable success is underscored by its growing popularity in the market, a testament to the trust and confidence placed in LithosMed’s commitment to quality.

But we don’t stop here. We are tirelessly working on perfecting this product, leveraging our passion for innovation and precision. Moreover, we are actively seeking partnerships that will propel Africa into the global spotlight as a hub for medical device manufacturing. Our vision is not only to meet international standards but to set new benchmarks for excellence, showcasing the immense potential of African expertise.

At LithosMed, we are not just making surgical solutions; we are crafting a brighter, healthier future for our continent. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to push boundaries and redefine the narrative of healthcare in Africa. Together, we will make quality healthcare a reality for all.

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