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  1. Anterior Cervical Plates and Screws

Anterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (ACDF) is widely employed in the surgical treatment of degenerative cervical spine diseases. Anterior Cervical Plate is used in fusion procedure to increase stability and reduce cervical kyphosis, thereby intending to increase fusion and reduce failure rate, particularly in multilevel procedures

ACDF PLATES Self Drilling/Self Tapping Screws
4 Holes x 19.0mm Length Φ4.0 x 10mm
4 Holes x 21.0mm Length Φ4.0 x 12mm
4 Holes x 23.0mm Length Φ4.0 x 14mm
4 Holes x 25.0mm Length Φ4.0 x 16mm
4 Holes x 27.5mm Length Φ4.0 x 18mm
4 Holes x 30.0mm Length Φ4.0 x 20mm
6 Holes x 32.5mm Length Φ4.5 x 10mm
6 Holes x 35.0mm Length Φ4.5 x 12mm
6 Holes x 37.5mm Length Φ4.5 x 14mm
6 Holes x 40.0mm Length Φ4.5 x 16mm
6 Holes x 42.5mm Length Φ4.5 x 18mm
6 Holes x 45.0mm Length Φ4.5 x 20mm
6 Holes x 47.5mm Length  
6 Holes x 50.0mm Length  
8 Holes x 52.5mm Length  
8 Holes x 55.0mm Length  
8 Holes x 57.5mm Length  
8 Holes x 60.0mm Length  
8 Holes x 62.5mm Length  
8 Holes x 65.0mm Length  
8 Holes x 67.5mm Length  
8 Holes x 70.0mm Length  
8 Holes x 72.5mm Length  
10 Holes x 75.0mm Length  
10 Holes x 77.5mm Length  
10 Holes x 80.0mm Length  



  1. Lateral Mass Screw


Lateral Mass Screw Occipital Plate Occipital Screw Occipital Pre-Bent Rod Occipital Straight Rod Occipital Crosslink
Φ3.5 x 10mm 27-31mm Φ3.5 x 6mm Φ3.5 x 220mm Φ3.5 x 30mm Φ3.5 x 40mm
Φ3.5 x 12mm 32-36mm Φ3.5 x 8mm   Φ3.5 x 40mm Φ3.5 x 50mm
Φ3.5 x 14mm 37-41mm Φ3.5 x 10mm   Φ3.5 x 50mm Φ3.5 x 60mm
Φ3.5 x 16mm   Φ3.5 x 12mm   Φ3.5 x 60mm Φ3.5 x 40mm
Φ3.5 x 18mm   Φ3.5 x 14mm   Φ3.5 x 70mm  
Φ3.5 x 20mm   Φ4.0 x 6mm   Φ3.5 x 80mm  
Φ3.5 x 24mm   Φ4.0 x 8mm   Φ3.5 x 90mm  
Φ3.5 x 26mm   Φ4.0 x 10mm   Φ3.5 x 100mm  
Φ3.5 x 28mm   Φ4.0 x 12mm      
Φ3.5 x 30mm   Φ4.0 x 14mm      
             Φ3.5 x 40mm          
Φ3.5 x 50mm          
Φ3.5 x 60mm          
Φ4.0 x 10mm          
Φ4.0 x 12mm          
Φ4.0 x 14mm          
Φ4.0x 16mm          
Φ4.0 x 18mm     Dual Diameter Rod    
Φ4.0 x 20mm     3.5/5.5-500mm    
Φ4.0 x 24mm          
Φ4.0 x 26mm          
Φ4.0 x 28mm          
             Φ4.0 x 30mm





  • Laminoplasty Plate

8mm Length
10mm Length
12mm Length
14mm Length
16mm Length
18mm Length
8mm Length
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