Minimally Invasive Long Arm Pedicle Screw



These solutions have unique designs for Trauma, Revision and Deformity surgeries with its dedication for efficiency, versatility and better outcome.

Minimally Invasive Long Arm Pedicle Screw

LithosMed offers solutions for MIS Screw fixation for less invasive surgical options. These includes Long Arm Cannulated Screw, Pre-Bent Rod And User Friendly Instrument Set

  • Aggressive Screw Thread Allows For Screw Implantation With Less Surgeon Effort And An Improved Cancellous Bone-Screw Interface.
  • Advance Bone Screw Surface Technology For Better Fusion
  • Integrated Blade Design Of Built-In Reduction Thread
  • Innovative Instrumentation That Allows For Enhanced Control And Ease Of Rod Delivery
  • Multifunctional Design, Suitable For Trauma Or Degenerative Cases.
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