Shunt is used in the treatment of hydrocephalus which is caused as a result of an obstruction of CSF drainage, overproduction of CSF or improper absorption of CSF.  A Ventriculo-Peritoneal(V.P) shunt drains excess brain fluid, reducing brain pressure to a safe level.

V.P shunts consist of a valve and two tubes, called catheters, which drain the fluid.

One catheter drains fluid from the brain (inflow catheter), the other (outflow catheter) runs under the skin, taking the fluid to a drainage site in the body. The valve, also known as a pump, controls the shunt so that it drains fluid as needed.


We have two types of  V.P  shunt;

  1. Non Programmable: It has a fixed valve. This can be Low Pressure Valve, Medium Pressure Valve or High Pressure Valve; all existing as antibiotic impregnated or non antibiotic impregnated shunt.



2. Programmable: A programmable shunt, however, has an external, adjustable valve that can be readjusted at any time according to the person’s needs.

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