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Austin Moore Pins With 2 Nuts

Cerclage Wire

conventary staples

Denham pin

Elastic Nail (440mm)

K wire double ended

K wire bender/Plier T/C Tip

Pediatric Schanz Screw Tapper Thread (32th X 4.5mm)

S.T PIN 03″

S.S Wire Loop(04Mtr)

S.S Wire Reel

Schanz Pin Tapp .TH.(HA Coated)40th X 6.0mm

Schanz Pin Tapp .TH.(HA Coated)52th X 6.0mm

Schanz Screw 2.5mm(16th X 14TPI)

Schanz Screw 2.5mm(16th X 20TPI)

Schanz Screw 4.5mm(16th X 14TPI)

schanz screw 4.5mm(25th x 14tpi)

schanz screw 4.5mm(35th x 14tpi)

schanz screw 4.5mm(52th x 14tpi)

Schanz Screw Cancellous TH (16th X 6.5mm)

schanz screw tapper thread 6.0mm (32th)

Steinmann Pin

Threaded K wire

Tit Bone Needle With Hole 2.0mm

Tit Needle Free Cable With Lock

U Staples

Wire Mount

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