In the midst of the challenging COVID-19 pandemic, LithosMed took a proactive step towards addressing not just the healthcare aspect but also the socio-economic impact of the virus in partnership with SI4DEV. This compassionate initiative led our teams to IGU village, nestled within the Bwari Area Council of Abuja, Nigeria.

The primary objective of our mission was to sensitize the local community, comprising approximately 100 residents, about the critical importance of adopting precautionary measures to safeguard themselves against this dangerous virus. To effectively convey this message, we utilized a range of educational tools including diagrams, charts, and other educational materials to ensure that every individual comprehended the significance of protective measures.

Our teams ventured deep into the heart of the village, leaving no stone unturned as we reached out to the residents, including those residing in the most remote hamlets. This comprehensive outreach approach allowed us to connect with the community on a personal level, addressing their concerns and ensuring that they were well-informed about the virus and its implications.

In addition to the educational aspect of our mission, we also extended a helping hand to those who were most vulnerable within the community. Following discussions with the chief of the hamlets, we identified and selected ten households that were in dire need of assistance. These households were presented with food items to alleviate their immediate concerns and provide some relief during these trying times.

LithosMed firmly believes in the power of partnerships and collaborations to make a meaningful impact on the lives of people. This initiative serves as a testament to our commitment to not only provide cutting-edge healthcare solutions but also to actively engage in community initiatives aimed at alleviating poverty and enhancing the overall well-being of the citizenry.

We extend an open invitation to potential partners who share our vision for a healthier and more prosperous Nigeria. Together, we can continue to educate communities, fight the effects of the pandemic, and contribute to the upliftment of those in need. LithosMed remains dedicated to making a positive difference in our society.

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