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Pedicle Screw
Pedicle screws are used in spinal fusion to give support and strength while it heals.
These connectors include Lateral offset Connectors, Domino Connectors, Crosslinks Connectors, Hooks e.t.c
Interbody Products
An interbody fusion cage is a prosthesis used in spinal fusion procedures to maintain foraminal height and decompression.
Dura Substitute
The standard methods of dura mater repair consist of the application of sealants and the use of dura mater replacement materials (duraplasty) to expand or replace the resected dura mater during a neurosurgical procedure. Dural substitutes are used as patches to prevent CSF leakage and infection and foster regrowth of dura-like tissue across the defect.
Flexible Cranial Mesh
This can be easily shaped, cut, and bent by the surgeon according to the bone defect
Neuray Surgical Patties
Neuray surgical Patties and Strips is used in Neurosurgical Procedures and other practices to protect tissues in wet field. It allows suction through the materials. The radiopaque markers provide maximum safety.
External Ventricular Drainage System
The purpose of external ventricular drainage is to divert fluid from the ventricles of the brain or the lumbar space of the spine and allow for monitoring of intracranial pressure.
Shunt is used in the treatment of hydrocephalus which is caused as a result of an obstruction of CSF drainage, overproduction of CSF or improper absorption of CSF.  A Ventriculo-Peritoneal(V.P) shunt drains excess brain fluid, reducing brain pressure to a safe level. V.P shunts consist of a valve and two tubes, called catheters, which drain the fluid. One catheter drains fluid from the brain (inflow catheter), the other (outflow catheter) runs under the skin, taking the fluid to a drainage site in the body. The valve, also known as a pump, controls the shunt so that it drains fluid as needed.
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