Otological Middle Ear Protheses


The middle ear implant available for Stapedioplasty and Ossiculoplasty surgery on a preorder basis include; Tita-Prosthesis type Partial Vario Campana (PORP), Tita-Prosthesis type Partial Vario Campana Cask (TORP), Titanium Universal Middle Ear Prosthesis, TitaHAP Prosthesis type Vario PORP/TORP, Fluoroplastic Partial (PORP)/Total (TORP), Fluoroplastic Offset Partial (PORP)/Total (TORP), Fluoroplastic Universal Middle Ear Prosthesis Offset/Centered, Piston Type Loop Titanium/Titanium-PTFE, Super Titanium/Super Titanium-PTFE Vario Piston Type Loop, Super Elastic NitiNOL/Super Elastic NitiNOL-PTFE Vario Piston Type Loop, Loop attachment procedure for Incus, Clip stapes Piston, Titanium Stapes Piston with Integrated PTFE Shoe, and Fluoroplastic Stapes Piston

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