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  1. Septal Buttons

Nasal Septal Buttons reduce or eliminate many symptoms of nasal Septal perforations including crusting, epistaxis (Bleeding from Nose), whistling, headache, difficult breathing and rhinorrhea (persistent watery mucus discharge from the nose).


Nasal Septal Button-Standard 3.0
Nasal Septal Button- Large 5.0
Nasal Septal Butto- Elliptical 3.0
Nasal Septal Button-Elliptical Large 5.0


  1. Internal Airway Splint

Nasal Airway splint is designed to provide septal support and allow nasal breathing post-operatively through integral airway. The unique airway geometry creates a pressure gradient force which increases airflow by 50%. Increased airflow allows better nasal breathing secretions minimizing blockage. At the other tip, each splint has a suture indicator for easier suture placement through the splint and septum to prevent posterior dislodgement.


Description No of Unit/Box
Internal Nasal Airway Splint-Standard 10
Internal Nasal Airway Splint- Large 10
Internal Nasal Pre-cut Splint 10
Internal Bivalve Splint  



  • External Nasal Splint

Cosmetically pleasing and easy to apply because of adhesive backing. It is easily malleable

After 3 to 5 days post-operatively, the nasal splint can be narrowed to apply further consistent pressure without loosening

Description No of Unit/Box
External Nasal Thermoplastic Splint-Standard 10 or 25
External Nasal Aluminium Splint- Large 10 or 25



  1. Epistaxis Balloon Catheter

Epistaxis Balloon Catheter is designed for fast control of intra-nasal bleeding and patient comfort. Ideal for nasal packing for Septoplastly, Rhinoplastly and Intra-nasal surgical procedure. Inflatable flexible balloon provides direct uniform pressure.

  • Beveled posterior tip & soft silicone construction allow for easy placement & prevents adhesion for easy removal.
  • Airway channel design allows nasal breathing
  • In Intra-pack larger balloon can be inflated up to 30 CC to control anterior nasal bleeding
  • In Post-pack smaller balloon can be inflated up to 10 CC to control posterior nasal bleeding
  • In Double Balloon Catheter, two balloons independently filled facilities pressure control in both the anterior and posterior nasal bleeding


Epistaxis Balloon Catheter Intra-Pack 30CC
Epistaxis Balloon Catheter Post-Pack 10CC
Epistaxis Balloon Catheter Double Balloon 10CC/30CC


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