Absorbable Haemostatic Gelatin Sponge


Absorbable Haemostatic Gelatin Sponge is a medical device intended for application to bleeding surfaces as a hemostatic agent. It is a water-insoluble, off-white, nonelastic, porous, pliable product prepared from purified porcine skin, Gelatin USP Granules and Water for Injection, USP. It may be cut without fraying and is able to absorb and hold within its interstices many times its weight of blood and other fluids.

Absorbable Hemostatic Gelatin Sponge is a quick and effective hemostatic which stops bleeding fast. It reduces intraoperative bleeding and surgery time. It is non-toxic, non-llergenic, non-immunogenic, and non- pyrogenic. It is already gamma-sterilized, and thus does not need to be resterilized. It is available in a convenient, ready to tear sterile blister/envelope, unlike many haemostatic agents, does not require special storage conditions. The uniform porosity of sponge guarantees a favorable haemostasis. It absorbs approximately 40 to 50 times its weight of water/blood and adheres easily to the bleeding site. When implanted in body, it is completely absorbed within 3-4 weeks, with no residue and no encapsulation.

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